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General notes

All items are checked by me. Cameras have been disassembled if necessary, cleaned and lubricated. Rangefinder and speed settings will be adjusted if necessary.

Lenses have been cleaned from old grease and regreased if necessary.

All cameras are full functional, lenses are free of scratches or fungus. Exceptions are described in detail.

It's not possible to give any warranty, because of the used state and the age of the items. But if I deliver an item in a defect state I will replace it or give you your money back within one month.

Shipping will be after payment via bank transfer (insured packet with german DHL). Add the shipping costs to calculate the end price. I ship worldwide, please ask for shipping costs.

Please E-Mail me for more information or when you are searching for a special camera or lens.




Nice cameras.


Strong lenses.

Add ons



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Some specials.

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A+ New, original packed, with warranty B+ In very good condition, scarely used C Good useritem, visual marks
A As good as new, no marks or dents, no warranty B Very good condition, minimum marks D Strong marks, maybe defective
A- Like new B- Slight marks E Defective, heavy marks, hardly to repair

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